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Senior Anjali Shah continues her journey of STEM learning

Working on homework for AP Statistics, senior Anjali Shah student aids for science teacher and Beta Chi Pi sponsor Sally Steininger. Shah has had Steininger as a teacher since sophomore year, taking AP Biology last year, and she is also now Beta Chi Pi president. “I enjoy helping out because I took all the material last year, so it’s nice to be able to help them with labs with parts that I know I had trouble with,” Shah said.

Fatema Rehmani, Awards Coordinator

September 18, 2019

Through research papers, internships and pre-engineering projects, senior Anjali Shah decided she wants to pursue a career in engineering. Passionate about her research, Shah never set a plan for a future career; her interests have paved the way. “I don’t think I necessarily knew that I wanted to...

Sophomore Anjali Shah follows her passion for STEM through research projects

Typing on her laptop, Shah looks over the work she has done. Her research surrounds ophthalmology, and she has worked with graduate students studying the effect of the eclipse on retinas. “I got involved because my dad got me in contact with a few people, but then I reached out to more people at [Washington University] to see if I could help them work,” Shah said.

Sabrina Bohn, Managing EiC Intern

March 5, 2018

While most students dread the thought of writing a research paper, sophomore Anjali Shah got a head start on her future last fall by writing a textbook passage about ophthalmology and an informational article on retinas. To do this, Shah worked with graduate students training to become retina doctors from a...

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