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School-wide scavenger hunt a success

Seniors Paige Smith, Erin Anderson and Alexa Joyce pose for a picture with juniors Brian Roskamp and Ben Ratliff at the school-wide scavenger hunt.

Annie Spewak, Features Editor

November 12, 2012

On November 9, Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) hosted a school-wide scavenger hunt. Students were allowed to make teams up to six to search the school for clues. The cost for each person was $5. The money raised went to provide treatment and support for local Autistic children. “It...

Mooney cast on Jeopardy!

Debra Klevens, Features Reporter

November 12, 2012

After four years and two attempts, math teacher Patrick Mooney got the call that he was on the game show, Jeopardy! “I have watched Jeopardy! on and off for most of my life. But it wasn’t until 2009, after my partner applied and eventually got on the show, that I decided to tryout since the process...

10 questions with Alex Clayton

Beginning Journalism reporter Adam Selms interviews freshman Alex Clayton during class.

Debra Klevens, Guest Reporter

November 1, 2012

1. Describe yourself in 140 characters or less. I am really loud and I don’t like to do what I am told. 2. What is your dream job? A K-9 police officer because my dad was a police officer. 3. What’s your dream vacation? I would love to go to Japan because I would love to see their art and...

Scholar bowl preparing for districts and nationals

Debra Klevens, Guest Features Writer

October 29, 2012

The Scholar Bowl team has started the year with another season and are making strides towards preparing for districts later in the year. The varsity team includes senior Elizabeth Carroll, senior Jaron Ma, senior Andrew George, junior JD Lister and sophomore Amos Chen. During a competition, the team re...

Crutching along

Seniors JC DeMuri and Amanda Anstine crutch their way to the gym class they cannot participate in. DeMuri received meniscus surgery while Anstine had ACL surgery.

Annie Spewak, Feature Editor

October 25, 2012

Lately, as you walk through the hallways, you may notice the growing number of crutches and­ casts student athletes are sporting. What is not visible is the mental toll injuries have taken upon high school athletes: the sorrow of not being able to play the sport they love, the guilt for letting down...

Can you Dig it?

Can you Dig it?

Annie Spewak, Features Editor

October 3, 2012

While the Eagle Scout is the highest honor a Boy Scout can achieve, the Silver Award is one of the highest honors for a Girl Scout. Parkway West freshmen, Sarah Booth, Allison Wills, Lauren Schumacher, Nicole Moore, Mariel McMindes, Ellie Nazzoli and Gabrielle Nickel achieved their Silver Award over...

The blind spot

The blind spot

Annie Spewak, Editor in Chief

September 24, 2012

Many high schools students are being belabored by the "driving talks" given to them daily when they merely think about leaving their house. The constant, caustic reminders are often heard, but are they understood? "Drive safe!" "Call me when you get there!" "Wear your seatbelt and don't speed!" There...

School-wide “Instagram”

ReplayIt gives students, staff and family members the ability to upload, view, and share images throughout the year with your school. See the year as it happens!

Debra Klevens, Feature Writer

September 24, 2012

On August 7, when the PAWESEHI Yearbook arrived, students search the index to see how many pages they were featured on, while lining the sophomore hallway.  With 66 publications students covering 1237 students the Publications courses are trying a new route to encourage picture submissions. Jostens’s...

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