Olivia Rodrigo stuns the crowd with an amazing performance at The Factory



Olivia Rodrigo brings in fans from all around the country dressed in fun, bright-colored clothes to watch her perform her debut album “SOUR” at The Factory in Chesterfield for her 12th show on her tour.

Excited energy filled the room as fans poured into The Factory Wednesday, April 20, waiting for Olivia Rodrigo, a three-time Grammy Award-winner who released her first 11-song album “SOUR” May 2021. Musician Gracie Abrams opened Rodrigo’s show to prepare everyone for the bold introduction of “SOUR” they were about to witness. 

Rodrigo first started her singing career when sneak peeks of her song “drivers license” went viral on the TikTok. Eventually, Rodrigo released the song to the public and it instantly became the turning point of her music career, hitting just over one billion streams globally in 2021.

Rodrigo started her show by projecting the “SOUR” logo on the curtains on stage. Soon after the projection came on, the song “Olivia” by One Direction started blasting through the speakers as the crowd jumped up and down, chanting for Rodrigo to come on stage. Eventually, the song faded into silence and the intro to Rodrigo’s song “brutal” played throughout the room. When the curtains dropped, Rodrigo walked on stage, and fans went crazy. 

Singing all of her 12 songs on “SOUR,” Rodrigo put on an amazing show by performing a mash-up of her songs “enough for you” and “ 1 step forward, 3 steps back.” Personally “enough for you” is my favorite song on the album, and Rodrigo’s concert arrangement made the show 10 times more amazing right off the bat. Rodrigo also surprised the audience with “All I Want,” a song written for Disney’s “Highschool Musical The Musical The Series” where Rodrigo starred as a teen girl named Nini. This song was another one of my favorites that she performed because it is the first song I had ever heard from her before she released “SOUR.” It was really cool to be able to hear it live right in front of me because the whole crowd would sing along and it made it so much better than just listening to the songs on Spotify. 

While Rodrigo is known for her relatable teenage heartbreak songs such as “traitor,” “favorite crime” and “hope ur ok,” she also has a number of upbeat songs on her album for the crowd to enjoy. The songs that got me and the crowd really excited and jumping around in my chair were her renditions of “jealousy, jealousy,” “deja vu” and “brutal,” which is more of an angry rock-themed song which makes it different from all of the other songs on “SOUR”.

Closing her show after two hours of thrilling performance, Rodrigo ended with “good 4 u.” The crowd went crazy as flashing lights filled The Factory and the energy went through the roof. The sound of all the instruments and music traveled throughout my body and was shaking the whole room, which easily made this the best moment during the whole show because of how thrilling it was. During the last line of “good 4 u,” Rodrigo shot colorful butterfly confetti into the air, filling the room as everyone tried to grab a piece to take home with them. Overall, I would rate this concert a 10/10, and I cannot wait to go to her next tour in the future and have no doubt that she could sell out another show at a way bigger venue.