Photo of the Week– April 19


Ella Mercer

Hiking and laughing, juniors Claire LeDuc, Elly Clardy and Triniti Cook explore a new trail in Eureka as a part of their Adventure Pursuits class. The three used the app Strava to track their route and distance, but eventually turned it off when they discovered something peculiar. “We were walking and we saw this treehouse up the hill. We were like ‘oh my God, we need to climb this right now.’ So we were literally on our hands and knees crawling up this hill trying to get to this treehouse when we realized we were in the backyard of a house. There was this huge bird sitting on the treehouse too, it was crazy,” LeDuc said. “It brought back memories of quarantine last year. It was nice and relaxing and we don’t really get to do this stuff anymore because now we’re all so busy.”