Halloween ideas to lift your spirits


Presley George

Picking apples with the family, freshman Presley George and her brother Henry George enjoy a day at Eckert’s Farm. Going pumpkin picking is a great way to celebrate Halloween, and P. George and her family were able to have a safe, healthy day. “The pumpkin patch and apple orchard at Eckert’s Grafton Farm are spread out, and you could do both things while distancing. The closest you get to others is when you are on the wagon ride, but if you are just a few people on the wagon, you should be able to social distance safely, and have fun,” P. George said.

This Halloween has the potential to be one of the best we’ve experienced in a while. Halloween is on a Saturday, which means a day full of candy, costumes and work free fun is a possibility. To ensure a safe and health conscious day, here’s a compiled list of the best activities for a haunting Halloween 2020.  

1. Jack-o’lanterns

Nothing says Halloween quite like Jack-o’lanterns. Go to your local pumpkin patch or farm to pick the best pumpkin to carve. You can carve anything you want, from the basic face you always see, to monsters and more. Setting up pumpkins around the house or on your front door step brings the Halloween spirit around, and makes the house just a bit more spooky. 

2. Spooky sweets 

Halloween is all about treats, from trick-or-treating to homemade sweets, all sweet tooth’s can enjoy the holiday’s baking. Cookies, cake, brownies, cupcakes and any dessert imaginable can easily be made into a spooky, scary treat. Grab some friends and family and have a Halloween themed baking night. 

Grave-yard brownies, courtesy of Tastes Better From Scratch.
How to make the grave-yard brownies. (Sara Albarcha)

3. Dress up dinner

If you’re not much of a sweet-tooth, a haunting themed dinner would be just as fun. For this Halloween dinner, you and your family could have a costume dinner party. Come dressed in any costume you want, and indulge in savory, scary foods. From spaghetti and eyeballs to mummy meatloaf, any dinner can be transformed into an eerie feast. 

4. Movie marathon night

Watching a scary movie is mandatory on a Halloween night. Whether you’re alone or with a few friends, watching a horror movie will make the night just overall scarier. Pick a movie or two from the above link and grab some snacks, preferably the spooky desserts or candy mix, and bring on the horror of the night. 

5. Decorate the house 

Nothing gets you in the Halloween spirit like decorating the house in all things black, orange and spooky. Stop by at your local shop to pick up some decorations, or even DIY them. From blow up ghosts and skulls in the front yard to spider webs around the house, giving yourself and the neighbors a bit of a fright will make the day even better. 

6. Trunk or treat

A trunk or treat is a great alternative to the traditional trick or treat. With family, you could decorate your car in different Halloween themes. Buy some candy and treats to give out, and drive around the neighborhood from door to door so kids can come out and take candy, and maybe get a scare or two! 

7. Mask themed costumes

With safety precautions still in place, masks are a requirement when in public. To ensure a cool costume while still being cautious, create a matching mask for your costume to keep yourself healthy, also while ensuring a creative costume for the night. 

  • Costumes that use cloth masks – One of the easiest ways to include a mask is to dress in a costume that includes a cloth mask. A doctor, nurse, ninja, robber or even ghost would work perfectly.
  •  Masks instead of makeup– Instead of applying costume makeup to your face, you can use a mask with any design to become any character you want.
  • Accessorize your mask – Spruce up your own masks with sequins or sew on jewels. Drive down to your local art supplies store to find plenty of jewels and accessories to glam up your mask. 

If you’re not up for any of these ideas, look to your local farms or pumpkin patches for haunted hayrides and corn mazes, or other fun fall activities. These tips and activities will ensure a festive, safe Halloween for you, your friends and family.