An open letter to our teachers: Thank you


Illustration by Kathryn McAuliffe

Due to the challenges eLearning has posed, teachers have gone above and beyond to provide a positive experience for students.


Dear teachers, 


Thank you. 

As we roll out of our beds at 9 a.m., yawning and tripping over messy bedrooms to get to our computers, you greet us on video calls with warmth and enthusiasm. You remind us that our first priority is ourselves, that this time should be low-stress. You’ve worked so tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition for us. For that, thank you. 

Like us, you eagerly awaited the sunny promise of spring break. Shortly after “break” began we were all informed that we would not be returning to school until April 3, which soon became April 22, which later became August. Throughout the increasing uncertainty, you were quick to adapt, and managed to make us feel comfortable in the chaos. We all watched the videos prepared for us, not considering that many of them were filmed over spring break, a time traditionally reserved for sun and sleep. 

Lessons and lectures, projects and activities, hopes and goals were all turned upside down when you learned that you needed to pivot your classes to be online. So many of you went above and beyond, giving up your spring breaks to convert in-person lessons to fit the constraints of eLearning. You created video chats, traded ideas and worked to alter lessons for us. You did this while worrying about the health and safety of those you care about, while battling the chaos that current events pose and in many circumstances, while caring for your own children. While we were worrying for ourselves, our canceled spring break plans and more, you were worrying for us. For that, thank you.

Not only did you take on all of the challenges that technology and remote learning posed, you cared for us. Announcements in Google Classroom told us that you would be there for us not only academically, but emotionally. You gave us resources and safe spaces in case we were in need over the long break. You told us how much we mattered to you, and as much as we were disappointed in what was canceled, you were more disappointed because you didn’t get to see us. Having teachers who care is the single most under-recognized privilege we students have. For that, thank you.