Hatching into the spring season with the top 10 Peeps flavors


Illustration by Emma Caplinger

With the spring season now imminent and Easter coming up, I have decided to try 10 different Peeps flavors so you don’t have to.

Peeps have always been a springtime must-have, especially for those celebrating Easter. However, Peeps aren’t just sold in the spring; various flavors are sold throughout the year, making them a year-round delicious treat. For this spring season, the Peeps company released five new flavors. With so many to choose from, both classic and new additions, I decided to try 10 different flavors for your amusement (also because I was hungry).


#10: Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon: 

Coming in last place on my list, I think this flavor belongs in the vault of failed candy creations. Before even trying this type, I knew that the flavor clearly does not belong in a marshmallow. Candy is supposed to be either sweet, sour or both–not spicy. I tried it anyway, and the results left me running for the trash can. For starters, it tasted so hot, I wouldn’t be surprised if they poured an entire jar of hot sauce into one marshmallow. It also sticks to the inside of your mouth, leaving the intense flavor (and pain) for far too long. I would recommend those who avoid spicy and hot foods to find a different cinnamon-flavored candy.

#9: Bubble Gum

As a person who enjoys gum (I chew two to three pieces a day), I was excited to try this flavor. The result was…not what I expected. I’m just going to say that if you like gum, this candy is not for you. Do not get distracted by the cover of the box because I have no idea what they put in this thing, but it definitely does not taste anything like bubble gum. Even worse, it seemed like it expanded in my mouth as I chewed. If they were going to make a bubble gum flavor, they should have made it actually taste like it.

#8: Party Cake:

Imagine eating a slice of cake that was baked without sugar–it ruins the idea of it being a treat, right? Well, that is just what is wrong with this flavor. Although there is sugar in these Peeps, there seems to be an ingredient missing and a lack of taste in general. This flavor is not worth partying for. It also smells rather unpleasant, like a burnt candle. I will say this though–it does look like a cake, and the texture of this type of Peeps is one of the better ones on this list. When it comes down to it though, the taste is most important, and it just wasn’t there.

#7: Cotton Candy 

As soon as I saw this flavor, I thought that it was one of the most interesting ones on this list. After trying this candy, it tasted bland and lacked the cotton candy flavor, but at least I could still taste the marshmallow. It may look like cotton candy, but it tastes like nothing more than an ordinary marshmallow. I do think that this would be a great flavor if it tasted like it was supposed to, but it fell short.


#6 Sour Watermelon:

Watermelon is, and always will be my favorite fruit, so when I realized that Peeps started making a watermelon flavor, I was excited to try them. That quickly changed. I don’t mind having a sour flavor in foods, as long as it is mild, but this is far from mild. It is probably one of the most sour candies that I have ever tasted. It also was chewier and stickier than the others, and the sourness took over the natural watermelon taste. At least it looked like a watermelon though–green on the outside and pink on the inside. Believe it or not, it still tasted better than some flavors. 

#5: Blue Raspberry:

When I tried the Blue Raspberry Peep, I had mixed opinions on whether it was just good or great. Overall, I liked how it had a fruity aftertaste because I was not expecting that from a marshmallow. It tasted just like raspberries, and I even looked inside to make sure there weren’t any. If you are sick of eating candy that is supposed to taste like fruit but doesn’t, I would highly recommend giving this one a try.

#4: Root Beer Float:

Never in my life have I liked soda, and I simply can’t stand fizzy drinks. As soon as I noticed that these peeps had a strong soda smell, I almost knew that this was going at number 10 on this list (I apologize to any soda lovers out there that are reading this). I will make one exception though: these so-called ‘root beer’ flavored peeps are really not that bad. In fact, they tasted delicious. There was no fizziness, which made me wonder if this is what all soda would taste like if it was not carbonated. This flavor truly reveals the hidden taste of soda. In fact, I have given some thought to the idea of trying root beer again, thanks to these great-tasting peeps.

#3 Fruit Punch: 

Having tried many fruit-flavored candies in my life, this one might top all of them due to its strong, fruity taste. I thought I could taste every fruit known to exist when I tried it. I felt like I was drinking a fruit blend from Smoothie King or a juice box. This was a very delicious flavor, and it is unique compared to the other flavors because it has a near-perfect balance of sweet, sour and tartness. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves fruit and likes mixed flavor combinations.

#2: Chocolate Pudding:

Chocolate Cake. That should be the real name of these Peeps. Anyone who enjoys other types of chocolate candy that has not already tried this flavor should seriously consider trying it. When I tell you that my mind was blown, I seriously mean it. I expected it to taste bland, but I was pleasantly surprised by how sweet and long-lasting this flavor was. Although the taste was far different than pudding, it still tasted like chocolate. It felt like cake in my mouth, tasted like cake, looked like the inside of a cake and even smelled like a cake. While it may not be true to its name, I am not complaining. This flavor deserves its number two spot on my list, mainly because of its rich flavor.

#1: The Original 

The most known flavor during the spring season is the one that started them all, and it is definitely the most popular for a reason. I can’t remember the last time I celebrated Easter without eating an entire pack of these things, and they just keep tasting better every year. What makes this flavor so unique compared to the others is the perfect balance of the rich and sweet flavors, along with the smooth texture. The outer coating had a bit more of a crunch as well compared to the other flavors. The company may have added new flavors that each had their own unique ingredients, but the originals are still the masterpiece. Sometimes sticking with a classic is the way to go.

The best thing about Peeps is that they always bring out the best taste in a marshmallow. If you are curious about what some of these flavors taste like, and if you are looking for the perfect springtime treat to graze on, give one (or more!) of these flavors a try! 


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