Spring has sprung playlist


Emma Caplinger

After spring cleaning your music library, refresh your playlists with new music from Spring Has Sprung.

In light of recent events, a lot of us have found that we will have more free time than expected during spring break this year. If you find yourself stuck indoors, staring at a wall with nothing to do, why not take your boredom as an opportunity to get into some new music? I’ll walk you through some of the highlights before you listen, but when you do, put your headphones in, close your eyes, and use the warm, almost summer vibes of these songs to visualize the amazing vacation you were supposed to be on.

Softly – Clairo

Clairo’s Softly is lowkey enough to ease you into the safety of being off school for nine whole days. The steady drum beat and fluctuating volume will have you dancing without even realizing it, and to me, that’s the mark of a good song. The perfect song for hanging out in your best friend’s kitchen on the first night of spring break, Softly earned its spot on this playlist easily.

Simple Season – Hippo Campus

I always listen to Hippo Campus in the spring–this year is no exception. Simple Season’s bouncy beat and laid-back, optimistic vibe is the perfect energy to kick off break with. Undoubtedly you finished off this week with a ridiculous amount of tests and projects, but you made it! Let spring break be your time to relax and reset, your own Simple Season, and as the song says, it’s all yours

Nikes On – Healy

Healy has been my favorite rapper for a long time. Way back in 2015, my brother introduced me to his song $150 / roll widdit, and I’ve been listening ever since. Nikes On is Healy’s newest single, and when I heard it for the first time, I had to literally stop what I was doing and just appreciate it. The effortless sound of Nikes On is exactly how I’m trying to feel this spring break, making it the perfect soundtrack to the week.

Take It Easy – Eagles

Could I really make a spring break playlist without at least one classic song? The title is self-explanatory; Take It Easy reminds us that sometimes a step back from all the stress and chaos of school is more than necessary. It’s called spring break for a reason, so take the song’s advice and relax for a while.

Peach Fuzz – Caamp

Everyone I’ve shared Caamp with has either absolutely loved them or absolutely hated them, and I hope you fall into the first group when you hear Peach Fuzz. This song somehow balances indie, folk and country in a way that even the most stubborn country music hater could love (personally, I love old country–think anything pre-1980s). Caamp’s woodsy, warm vibe is a great way to feel the beachy sun you were hoping to get on whatever vacation you (probably) had to cancel. This song is worth a listen all the way through, just wait until you get to the riff during the bridge and you’ll be hooked instantly.

So, whether you’re braving spring break travel (pro tip: if you’re flying, don’t forget to download it off Spotify) or chilling at home with family, you’ll need a good soundtrack, and I’ve got you covered.