Women of West strive to make an impact during the upcoming fundraiser


Jacob Stanton

Club sponsor Taylor Rose, senior Nithi Vickraman and sophomore Brinda Ambal discuss what to plan for the club during the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. The club decided to show the movie Ocean’s 8 during their upcoming movie night event. “It feels so good to help lead a club that not only helps people in the community but [also] helps people at our school as well,” Vickerman said. “We are always trying to help people in need, which makes this club stand out.”

To help reduce poverty and provide better economic opportunities for women, Women of West (WOW) is hosting a movie night in the theater March 13 to raise money for the Global Empowerment Fund. The cost of entry to the event will be $3. The club focuses on fundraising to help better the community. 

Club members wanted to create an atmosphere that allows for community building by organizing a movie, where they will be showing Ocean’s 8.  

“We thought that a movie would be great because not only can we have a chance to get to know one another, but we also get to promote a fundraiser as well,” English teacher and club sponsor Taylor Rose said. “Our goal is to empower other women, and to be able to show a movie to the community that expresses that is amazing.”

Along with planning the fundraiser, the club gets together every month to discuss how they want to help women in the community. 

“What I like most about [the club] is that we are always trying to help women in the community by meeting together every week and fundraising. I enjoy making posters because It is a great way to get other people to learn about our club,” sophomore Brinda Ambal said. “[The club] is a great place to relax and take my mind off school and just to be able to be with my friends. Most clubs are academically serious, so it feels good to be a part of [WOW].”

As a former club member in high school, Rose is glad to now be serving as the sponsor.

“As an alum, it feels great to see that the club is still around, and just like years past, students are still stepping up and making a difference,” Rose said. “Every year, the students do a good job of making each other stand out, and taking the steps that are needed, such as attending all the meetings to make our club successful.”

Before the club decided on the organization they would support, each student voted on the Blood Sisters, the Campaign for Education and the Global Empowerment Fund. 

“At the meeting, we discussed the three organizations. The members described what each of the organizations did and how we would help from here at Parkway West,” senior and Club President Nithi Vickraman said. “This was an important part to add to [our club] because I believe our members should be able to see how their efforts and hard work can help women halfway across the world, thousands of miles away.”

After the vote, the club decided to support the Global Empowerment Fund, which focuses on helping women gain financial and social aid, along with helping their communities.

I am really glad we chose to support a good cause because helping others is what we are meant to do, and I am really looking forward to being able to help people that are in need. It makes me feel great that we are able to do that,”

— senior Nithi Vickraman

“I am really glad we chose to support a good cause because helping others is what we are meant to do, and I am really looking forward to being able to help people that are in need. It makes me feel great that we are able to do that,” Vickraman said. “The thought of being able to initiate something that reaches students like this makes me so incredibly proud. Being able to influence people has brought this club to another level, and I am happy to be a part of it.” 

The club’s focus is to help others outside of school and in the community.  

“I wanted to help a charity outside of school because I feel like we should be doing more than just telling people to do something,” Vickraman said. “I think donating to a charity will not only help other people, but it will help us experience what it is like to give to the community.”