Battle of the playlists: Brinda’s playlist

What better thing to ask for Christmas than the vocal stylings of P!nk, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga in your ear as you CRUSH your New Year’s resolution? These ladies have got your back, coming to you all the way from the ‘00s. 

Start things off with a “Bang Bang” as you settle into a groove and get your heart pumping. This hit collab from Jessi J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj is the perfect way to get into the right headspace. As you find your tempo, greet it with a confident “Hey Ya,” letting Outkast get you hip-hopping as the beat is bopping.

You may start to get tired, but never fear, Cage the Elephant is here. Reminding you that there “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked,” this indie jam will keep your efforts high. Get ready to turn up because like Kesha says, “the party don’t start ‘til [you] walk in.” Up next is her winner of multiple MTV Music Awards, “Tik Tok.”

If you’re tired again and start to fall,  Gloria Gaynor is here to pick you up with her classic, “I Will Survive.” This song will get your attitude back on track, just in time for Lady Gaga to tell you you were “Born This Way.” 

When you’re nearing the end, Eminem is ready to push you over the last hurdle “‘Til [You] Collapse.”Sia and David Guetta are on standby ready to take over and remind you that you are invincible–you are “Titanium.”

Finally, cool it down and celebrate with none other than your dad’s favorite, the emblem of Rock IV, “Eye of the Tiger.”

This throwback-themed playlist is bound to have you crush your New Year’s resolution cardio. These are the songs that everybody loves. 

Why any self-respecting individual wants to spend more than an hour listening to someone yell in your ear is beyond me; if you know of an answer to this drop your findings in the comments. The way I see it, listening to your mom’s reaction when she finds out you have Drew’s playlist in your music library would achieve the same effect.