Ultimate summer 2019 playlist

Summer feels shorter and shorter each year, but an easy way to distract yourself from the months slipping  away is by finding new music that amplifies summer adventures. It’s easy to get sucked into the hole of familiar music, but if you’re in the mood to branch out, I got you covered with a 29 song playlist to explore for the summer.



Though this playlist will last you a short road trip to Fugitive Beach or the Skyview Drive-In movie theater with songs to spare, I’m going to rate just a couple of the songs that I believe embody the “summer vibe” best.

“Sunday Best” – Surfaces 

Which song ranks number one for “summer vibe,” you may ask? Hands down, it’s “Sunday Best” by Surfaces. The two members of Surfaces, a Texas-based band formed in 2017, have reached success for their upbeat, feel-good tracks. One of their most popular songs is “Sunday Best,” which was released in their second studio album, “Where the Light is.” All their songs, especially “Sunday Best,” make me envision everything summer: eating snow cones by the poolside, palm trees swaying in the breeze with the bluest of skies and driving down the road with the windows down and the music blasting. No matter what mood I’m in before listening to this song, once the first beat hits, everything is peaceful in life again. Due to its chill vibe, “Sunday Best” is no doubt a top track in the ultimate summer playlist.

“Honeyweed” – Summer Salt

This band’s name is only a slight indication of why this song made the playlist. Like Surfaces, this duo is Texas-based, but Summer Salt differs in that their music is influenced more by an indie sound than a pop sound. “Honeyweed” is the perfect introduction to not only Summer Salt’s new EP but also to summer in general. With the perfect blend of soft percussion, catchy guitar riffs and silky vocals, “Honeyweed” encompasses vibrancy and color. This is another feel-good track that will provide a breath of fresh air that the summer heat does not.

“Let’s Fall in Love for the Night” – FINNEAS

“Let’s Fall in Love for the Night” will make you fall in love with Finneas O’Connell, styled FINNEAS, for more than just a night. While he is best recognized for both his familial and professional relationship to Billie Eilish, FINNEAS has started to gain his own recognition, much deservedly. Because of the lively vibe of this song that can uplift you from any mood–much like the other songs I mentioned–you will find yourself playing this track on repeat. This hit is the perfect combination of romance and playful charm. Driven by a simple melody on the guitar accompanied by FINNEAS’ warm, soothing vocals, he sings about an imagined romance, kick starting your own imagination. 

“Electric Love” – BØRNS

While listening to this song, “Electric Love” sends electric chills down my body, which explains my strange dance moves. The single was a nice introduction to Børns’ debut album, “Dopamine.” His amazing vocal range is highlighted in this record along with its indie pop influences. Even though “Electric Love” was released back in 2015, it still remains a bop today due to its addicting and exotic synthetic sound. The abstract use of instruments and electrifying tune excite the listeners and radiate the happiness that we need in the summer. This song is no doubt “lightning in a bottle.”

“Chinese New Year” – SALES

I can’t exactly remember if this song was recommended to me by a friend or by the unconventional and chaotic video app, TikTok. Either way, “Chinese New Year” definitely gives off an interesting vibe. Starting off with a fast-paced drum beat, the delicate vocals of one-half of SALES duo, Lauren Morgan, adds to the delicate nature of the song. The duo centered the lyrics around the theme of moving on–how “it’s time for us to make a change; it’s time for our Chinese New Year.” That’s very fitting as we get closer and closer to the school year; it’s time for us to move on from summer and into the new semester. But we don’t want to. So for the time being, distract yourself by head-bopping to this bubblegum pop or watching TikTok videos with this audio.

No matter our efforts to lengthen the thrill of summer, summer unfortunately and inevitably ends. Yet the moments and feelings that we experience during our three months of freedom are something to cherish, especially during the school year. Repeating the same tunes can get mundane and can make songs lose their essence. What differentiates the 29 songs in the playlist apart from other tracks is their joyous and lively vibe from their melody, instruments and lyrics. Channeling the carefree nature of summer, this playlist is a fresh break from the excruciatingly hot weather.