Senior Erika Anstine signs to Quincy University

From Christ Prince of Peace (CPOP) to St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club to Parkway West, senior Erika Anstine prepares to continue her soccer career as a goalkeeper at Quincy University.


Reagin Ward

Warming up before the game against Fort Zumwalt East, senior Erika Anstine, the varsity goalkeeper leads her team to a one to zero victory. As of April 11, of the seven games played [and won], Anstine has only had four goals scored against her. “I'm really excited for this season, I think there is a lot of skill on this team and we are off to a really great start, being undefeated. I think this season will definitely be a good one and I'm excited to see where it goes,” Anstine said.

Playing soccer since preschool, senior Erika Anstine decided that she wanted to continue at the next level and carry forward on her soccer journey.

“I was really excited when I found out about the scholarship [to play at Quincy]. I had not decided I wanted to play in college until late freshman year. One of my older sisters plays at Indiana State, so seeing her do that made me want to do it too. Being able to accomplish that was a really big deal to me because it felt like I was following in her footsteps,” Anstine said.

As a three-year varsity starter, Anstine works during the offseason with goalkeeper training through her club as well as works on her own.

“Erika works incredibly hard all year round, in the offseason, on her own, with her club, during goalkeeping training and then putting in the most possible work here at practices to be the best goalie as possible,” head coach Annie Wayland said. “She certainly deserves any recognition she gets because I truly think she is a hero behind the scenes and doesn’t always get as much credit as she should for keeping us in games and coming up with big saves. She’s been a rockstar for us for a long time now and she has made me very proud.”

Flooded with emotions throughout the recruitment process, Anstine spent three years contacting different schools and coaches.

“The recruitment process was very stressful. It was the hardest thing I’ve done in my life so far for sure, having to contact and research schools, and then to actually visiting schools and learn about different programs was a lot of work. Putting in all the work and finally getting the scholarship was very rewarding. It’s the best feeling ever,” Anstine said.

Anstine controls the game from behind the net and guides her teammates on the field. Having a record of 15 shutouts in the games led to the team winning 15 out of the 19 games last season.

“Erika is very confident on the field, no matter what. She’s always telling people what to do and where to be, she can see the field and control it very well. Erika has really kept us together, she just facilitates the whole game because she’s so constant in the back and she is always keeping us motivated and boosting our confidence,” senior Bella Hatzigeorgiou said.

Anstine will begin preparing for the next step in her soccer career early this July.

“I have an ID camp in early July where everyone goes to get looked at by the coaches, and then I go for training end of July or early August,” Anstine said. “Quincy has a new coach. I have seen some of what he does, but from what I know it and have heard, training is going to be very intense, there will be a lot of fitness, a lot of technical training, overall very intense. He is a younger guy, this new coach, his name is Mark Hager, and he is taking over. He’s got big shoes to fill so he’s really pushing the girls really hard, so I’m sure it will be very tough.”

Anstine is thankful that she has an additional four more years to participate in the sport she loves.

“Getting this opportunity has meant a lot to me. Seeing some of my senior friends playing their last season, I’m very appreciative that I’ve gotten this opportunity because if this was my last year [playing] I would be devastated,” Anstine said.