Boys varsity basketball counters adversity through positivity


Photo by: Caroline Judd

The boys varsity basketball team faces adversity. While facing adversity they try and turn around a losing season by using positivity and enthusiasm. ¨At practice sometimes it varies whether if the guys had a good day or not, but most of the time it’s pretty positive, and sometimes before games we’re pretty quiet and sometimes we’re energetic and pumped up,¨ Loaney said.

Despite their record of 2-14, the boys varsity basketball team continues to show morale as their district tournament gets closer.

“At practice it varies whether the guys had a good day or not, but most of the time [the energy] is pretty positive. Sometimes before games we’re pretty quiet and sometimes we’re energetic and pumped up,” junior Matt Loaney said.

The team faced adversity with Loaney’s ankle injury. Junior guard Kyle Geraghty and senior guard Matt Miller with illnesses, but always find ways to keep competing.

“Every year you will face challenges. We have dealt with injuries at times and have struggled to perform the fundamentals of the game consistently well. We play a very difficult schedule and play the top teams in the area every year. We want to be challenged throughout the season so that we are playing our best basketball as district play arrives,” head coach John Wright said.

Senior guard Collins Robinson appreciates the work put in by his teammates and wants them to keep working on defensive drills to push forward as districts get closer.

¨The team goal for the rest of the season is to be able to hold teams to under 40 points and then try to get 50 points on the offensive end,” Robinson said.

Along with the goals Wright set, he also wants the team to focus on defense and keeping spirits up.

¨Our team needs to focus on playing with energy and enthusiasm. We must become a better defensive team if we want to put ourselves in position to be successful, and we must work together to execute on offense,” Wright said. “We want to learn from our mistakes each day and make the most of our opportunities moving forward. We must be more disciplined in our play and focus on accomplishing our assignments when on the court. We need to see continued leadership on the court.