Top five tech items for students

The shift into technology’s presence in our everyday lives has never been more common than now. It affects how we live, work, play and most importantly, how we learn. Thus, here are five items for students to make the transition to technology in school simple.


    #5- Anker PowerCore Lite

Anker’s battery packs are continuously Amazon’s Choice for battery packs for the quality and the value.

With a 20,000 mAh battery, this power bank is built like a tank. For $54.99, you’re getting twin USB charging ports that let you charge two devices at a time and a battery that lasts for a week, which gives you multiple charges for any flagship phone on the market right now (iPhone XS Max, Galaxy Note 9 and Pixel 3XL). This can be useful for days at school when you’re low on battery and need to easily charge your phone on the go. I have consistently found it convenient to be able to charge my phone in between classes with ease.


    #4- ASUS Chromebook C202

This Chromebook was ranked #4 at the bestsellers rank for Computer and Accessories for the simplistic design for young students.

If you’re a sophomore, junior or senior who’s  shopping on a budget, this is definitely the Chromebook for you. Coming in with minimized specs model at $224, this device is priced to make it affordable for students. With a lightweight 2.65 pound body, rugged construction and average battery life of 10 hours, this brings the complete package for students who just want to type up their essay and send emails. Though Windows lets you configure your computer as you wish and can run any app, on Chromebooks, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of a virus since the operating systems automatically prevents the downloads of applications from the internet.


    #3- LuminoLite LED Book Light

This also falls into Amazon’s Choice for book lights because of the pricing sits at an affordable value while it ships in the matter of two days. This gave it a 4.7 rating for customer reviews.

The ultimate tool for late night studies: a book light. Priced at $13.99, this gadget keeps reading and studying easy on your eyes late at night with six bright LEDs and three brightness settings, allowing you to pick your desired light level. It’s also flexible and sturdy even though it’s a lightweight lamp clamped to your book. This will prevent you from those awkward positions that you tend to fall into. Best of all, it features a built-in 10000 mAh battery that will last you up to 60 hours.


    #2- CHAFON Multi USB Cable

According to Amazon’s Customer Reviews, customers consistently found the product useful at a good value from day-to-day activities.

If you’re a student looking for the solution for those messy cables, the CHAFON Multi USB Cable is definitely the right accessory for you. This comes with a USB C cable, two micro USB cables, one mini USB and one USB 2.0 Port. It’s extremely helpful because it can charge your Android and Apple devices minus the mess. Unlike other multi cables, this one in particular supports fast charging so it’s extremely convenient for a quick charge before a long day at school.


    #1- Rocketbook Everlast

Lydia Roseman
Rocketbook offers their free app available on App Store and Play Store to scan pages to the cloud

This notebook, with just 36 pages, is reusable! Write in it like any other notebook with the specialized pen that comes with it. By writing in this notebook, it allows you easily save your notes to any cloud service of your choice. Overall, it’s an extremely well-engineered product, but one thing that can be disturbing is the fact that it takes 15 seconds for the ink to dry. I often found myself smudging the ink which can be really inconvenient. If this isn’t a determining factor for you, you should definitely pick this up at, because at just $29, I highly recommend it.