C-team soccer breaks records


Zoey Deyoung

Cutting around an opponent, freshman Ethan Geiger dribbles the ball down the field. Geiger and the C-team were the first C-team in boys soccer history to have a winning record. "The team always worked really hard at practices and in games," Geiger. "We got fourth in the tournament which was really cool, because we have a good team chemistry and are always just joking around with each other and just enjoy playing soccer."

The whistle blows on the soccer field, signaling the end of the game against Ritenour. The C-team boy’s soccer season is over, and they have finished with the first winning record in C-team soccer history.

The C-team, which is mostly made up of freshmen, struggled with player numbers at the beginning of the season, as only 12 freshmen tried out for the team. Through word of mouth, however, the size increased to 22.

“I didn’t come [to tryouts] at first because I didn’t think I was going to make the team. The kids I knew that were trying out I thought were all really good, so I didn’t think I’d have a chance,” freshman defender Chris House said. “But then after tryouts, I heard that the team still needed people, so I made the decision to join.”

The varsity players have also been mentoring the C-team to make sure their ball handling and passing skills are improving.

“Whenever the varsity doesn’t have practice and we have a game, they always come down to the sidelines and give us pep talks,” freshman forward Waleed Abdulla said. “They give us passing advice and make sure we know the formations.”

Abdulla also believes that freshmen captains Shea Hedden and Santiago Helbig have done a great job of leading and uniting the team.

“No one ever gets excluded,” Abdulla said. “One practice I was really bummed out because of school stress. Santiago noticed I was not performing like I usually do and came over and picked me up. I think stuff like that has really helped our team succeed this year.”

One of their strengths, according to coach Emily Lovercheck, is their ability to work as a group despite the age differences.

“I would say that the boys have really come together as a team this year on the field,” Lovercheck said. “Our first few games compared to our last games we are not the same team at all.  We work the ball really well and when we play as a team we can compete with anyone. It has been a pleasure watching this grow together as a team and improve each game.”