Track injuries plague the team


Maya Loy

Tess Allgeyer runs down the track as she gets back into the program. Fighting through her injury, Allgeyer hopes to return. “I should be able to come back and compete with the team, and I will be able to run track next year,” Allgeyer said.

With two varsity runners forced to step off the track due to injury, the girls track team has adjusted.

The wave of injuries began with junior hurdler Bri Vietmeier, developed tendinitis, [inflammation within tendons] as a result of overuse. Vietmeier spent the winter season playing girls JV basketball and immediately joined track in March.

“I jump hurdles, plus I just came out of basketball season, so that was a lot of jumping to begin with. Eventually, my knees began to wear out and hurt really bad when I ran,” Vietmeier said.

Along with Vietmeier, junior Tess Allgeyer sprained her ankle by jumping off a platform while hiking, and she has been out for three weeks, unable to participate since her injury.

“I usually run in the 4×400 [meters] and the 4×800 [meters], and because it’s a relay, it makes it difficult to find another person that can run and fill that spot. It’s also difficult because most of the 4×8 team that was strong last year has also had some conflicts with injuries,” Allgeyer said.

Undeterred, Allgeyer still supports her team and continues to strengthen herself by slowly getting back into team workouts.

“Right now, there isn’t much I can do for the team except encourage them while also working on strengthening myself so that the transition back to running can be smoother and easier,” Allgeyer said.

Despite the setbacks, Vietmeier has managed to stay in shape and should be back in action by the end of the season.

“I have been doing light exercises to help me get back into the harder exercises. I’ve been running 200 [meters],” Vietmeier said. “Jogging around the track really helps me just stay in shape so I can get back into it.”

Despite the various injuries on the team, head coach Kristen Wit encourages the girls to remain positive in the midst of adversity.

“The girls are always really positive and hard-working,” Witt said. “They get out [on the track,] and always want to keep improving.”