King Of Hearts dance greeted with discourse from upperclassmen


Nick Altmann

Seniors Jessica Schlueter, Sam Walkoff and Maggie Newberry dance and enjoy the glow dance that was held last year. “I think glow dance is more fun because it’s not a formal,” Newberry said. “Around this time in the year I don’t want to go to another formal because we already have so many, especially with prom for the upperclassmen, and it’s a great opportunity to let loose.”

Anna Pavlisin, Staff Writer

King of Hearts (KOH), the upcoming winter dance, caused a commotion with the upperclassmen after being formally picked Monday, Jan. 22. The dance was chosen by the student body, via a Google Form sent out by the Longhorn Council (LOCO) and will take place Feb. 23.

“We created a survey where every student had the opportunity to vote once and KOH had more votes than Glow. Once we ended the voting we went with whatever dance had the most votes,” LOCO sponsor Emily Lovercheck said. “KOH beat out the Glow Dance by a small margin.”

KOH is different from homecoming because female students ask their male counterparts.

“It was fun to let the girls ask the guys, but I would rather not have to worry about it,” senior Sarah Bonnett said. “It is kinda fun to see which girls ask which guys though.”

After the survey from LOCO was sent out to just seniors, the vote on the dance was made public to the whole school.

“Before the class of 2021 came in, the rising seniors all wanted to have another year for Glow Dance which is why there was a bit of debate on the subject,” freshmen class president Arden Dickson said. “Most of the class of 2021 voted for KOH, so that certainly added a percentage in favor.”

Although the asking process may be different, KOH and homecoming are comparable in many ways, including the apparel.

“The attire made the Glow Dance more fun. When you’re wearing a dress since it can either ride up or fly up, it can be kinda hard to have fun while dancing,” senior Madie Grove said. “It can be even worse if you choose to wear heels because you take them off and the boys are just stepping on your feet, and it hurts.”

According to Grove, the reason why there was a disappointment in KOH being picked is the easy-going attitude put forth at previous Glow Dances.

“LOCO shouldn’t have let everyone in the school vote, they should’ve left it up to the seniors since it is our last winter dance,” Grove said. “We [the seniors] all wanted the Glow Dance.”

Bonnett is adamant that KOH needs to be changed back to Glow Dance.

“As seniors, we have had the opportunity to go to both KOH and the Glow Dance, and we all like Glow Dance better. Glow Dance is so much more casual and so much more fun,” Bonnett said.