Freshman girls basketball coach Peg Schane leads players in an undefeated season


Caroline Briscoe

Freshmen basketball coach Peg Schane provides feedback to her players during halftime against St. Dominic, Jan. 10. The freshmen basketball team has a record of 10-0-0. “I feel like coach Schane has helped us a lot to be undefeated at this point in the season,” freshmen girls basketball team captain Leah Selm said.

With 40 years of coaching experience under her belt, Peg Schane has used her expertise to coach the freshman girls basketball team through an undefeated season.

Beginning her coaching in the Fort Zumwalt school district in 1976, she went on to coach basketball, volleyball and track at Parkway North and was chosen to be the head coach of all three at Parkway South for eight years. After Schane retired in 2006, she became the head coach of boys and girls volleyball at Fort Zumwalt East for three years before returning to Parkway in 2014.

“I started coaching because I love sports and kids,” Schane said. “I spent 28 years coaching track because I love individual sports, and 22 coaching girls and boys volleyball. I also started the first girl’s golf program in St. Charles County because I love to play.”

Investing six days a week for practice, Schane has developed and improved the skills of her athletes.

“I believe that once the game starts, it’s the players chance to show what they know.  I like to sit there and let them control the game by what they see. The game is all them, working as a team,” Schane said.

She allowed me to learn how to take helpful criticism well and she always made me enjoy going to basketball practice.”

— Caroline Briscoe

The athletes credit Schane’s expertise to her years of experience coaching different sports.

“Coach Schane is very supportive and honest,” freshmen Emma Breidecker said. “She always knows the right thing to say, and it usually breaks the ice or any tension.”

On the court, Schane motivates players to do their best, and off the court she uses her humor to build a bond and relate to her players.

“Last year, she would always call us wild kids because some players on our team were always grounded, and she told us stories about how she was always grounded too,” sophomore Caroline Briscoe said.

Briscoe played on Schane’s team last season, and now plays on the junior varsity team thanks to Schane investing in her as an athlete.

“Schane was always praising me for little things and it really boosted my confidence,” Briscoe said. “She allowed me to learn how to take helpful criticism well and she always made me enjoy going to basketball practice.”

Schane is proud of her team not only for their undefeated status but also for their hard work.

“I have been blessed at Parkway West to have worked with dedicated, loyal, hardworking and talented girls,” Schane said. “They have all touched my heart, and I will never forget each and every one of them.”