Photo of the week – Jan. 15

In eight minutes, the Pathfinder editorial board and building manager Scott Bollmann duct taped arts and entertainment editor junior Nell Jaskowiak to the wall for a test run of the “Duct Tape Your Teacher to the Wall” fundraiser that will be next Friday, Jan. 26. The money raised from this fundraiser will go to their trip to New York to accept the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Crown Award, which is one of the highest awards in high school journalism. “It was pretty cool to know that basically just [the duct tape] on my arms and legs was holding me to a wall in the school basement,” Jaskowiak said. “We’ve made a thriving website and got Best of Sno last year and hopefully this year again. Now were one of the top 19 schools in the nation, which is insane, so we’d like to be able to go receive [the Crown Award].”