Photo gallery: veteran players drive golf to fun and improvement

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  • Looking ahead, junior Joyce Suh reads the green while senior Kacie Bergh takes her shot. “Kacie and I played together in every match except for one this year. In one match, on the last hole, she got her ball stuck in a tree and then we got a club stuck in the tree trying to get it out. We always joked about that happening, but it was a lot funnier when it actually did,” Suh said.

  • Juniors Clair Osterhaus, Ashley Spillman and Bella Rogers wait out the rain at a varsity match against Seckman. The match ended three to five holes early, and golfers had to wait under an awning for 30 minutes until the coaches officially called off the match. “I was soaking wet and freezing and the coaches were going to make us go back out and keep playing in the rain. Both teams looked at each other and silently decided that if none of us saw lightning, we were going to make it up so we didn’t have to go on,” Rogers said.

  • Senior Kacie Bergh and juniors Ashley Spillman and Clair Osterhaus sit and eat lunch after their conference match at Crescent Farms. “After conference, I could only think about how good the food was,” Osterhaus said. “Contrary to popular belief, it’s really hard walking 18 holes of golf, so I was really proud of the team. It’s hard playing for five hours straight, so getting to eat after is fantastic.”

  • Halfway through a synced-up swing, juniors Bella Rogers and Clair Osterhaus hit balls at Golfport of Maryland Heights. “A typical practice usually consisted of us jamming out to music to hype ourselves up on the half-hour ride there, and then hitting buckets of balls to work on our individual things,” Osterhaus said. “Even though we were working on our own things, we always found a way to make it competitive.”

  • Junior Meghan Beckmann stays warm at practice by curling up into a ball. “We start practicing about halfway through the summer, when the weather is at about 100 degrees, but as the season goes on it gets colder and colder. I never learn, and I never wear anything warmer than shorts and a t-shirt,” Beckmann said.

  • Coach Greg Schade and junior Bella Rogers pose for a picture at the team’s driving range, Golfport of Maryland Heights. Varsity practiced there once a week once the season started, while the JV team was there more often. “Golfport was like a second home for me once the season started because we were there so often,” Rogers said. “They even have dogs that live there that started to recognize us and come say 'hi' every day.”

  • Junior Meghan Beckmann floats in teammate Clair Osterhouse’s backyard at the team sleepover. “Every year we have a team sleepover so that both of the teams can bond, and it’s always at whoever’s house has a pool” junior Meghan Beckmann said. “That’s the best part; sure I love the food and getting to hang out with my team, but giant floaties on the hottest days of summer? That’s where I’m at.”

  • The varsity and JV teams practice putting before a match at Ballwin Golf Course. “Through our coaches incredible instruction and optimism about our team, we managed to improve so much as a whole team this year,” Suh said. “And I also feel like every single moment was fun. The team was so close and I can’t wait for next year.”

    Greg Schade

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