The quirky coach diaries


Leah Selm

Girls’ cross country captain Charlie Cutelli styles his iconic Ray-Ban sunglasses on the bus on the way to the Stan Nelson Invitational Sept. 9.

Pathfinder: What quirks or sayings does your coach have that make them unique?

“He has this fisherman’s hat that he wears sometimes and makes some funny faces. The main thing I can think of is that he drinks too much coffee and always has a bunch of energy. He’s also super OCD, so plus the energy from the coffee means he’s always doing a million things at once. That’s probably the staple of his personality,” junior Jake Beach said about band coach Brad Wallace.

“She has a weird obsession with Sharpie pens, and she always wears these shirts with motivational phrases on them. Like she has one that says ‘Focus, Focus, Focus’ on it. We always giggle a little when she wears them,” senior Sydnee Yap said about the girls tennis coach Katelyn McCreary.

“Piccini is always passive aggressive towards the referees saying things like, “That’s okay ref. You’ll get it right next time.’ That way he can’t get in trouble. Also, all the coaches in the program have matching shoes they wear to all the games that are West colors. Coach Stahl has this certain paperboy type hat he likes to wears to games,” junior Patrick Griffard said about the boys soccer coaches Adam Stahl, Anthony Piccini and Michael Skordos.

“Cutelli is always wearing sunglasses and can be easily spotted thanks to his love for tie-dye, whether it’s his tie-dye lab coat in the halls or one of his various tie-dye cross country shirts at practice. Cutelli loves the team like he loves his hair and gardening black baccara roses. He also has a propensity to break clipboards at practice. Intentional or not, many, many clipboards have not survived at the hands of Cutelli. One year he broke so many clipboards, we gifted and signed multiple different clipboards for his birthday. Who knows how many still remain,” senior Anna Chen said about girls cross country coach Charlie Cutelli.

“On Wednesdays, Coach John does Wacky Word Wednesday, and when Coach calls attendance we have to say a silly word. We also have to be prepared to define and spell it, and that’s a lot of fun. During warm up laps the team sometimes does something stupid, and we end up getting more laps. We know we have to run another lap when Coach John twirls his finger in the air, and when Coach John points to the ground or says, ‘that’s 10,’ we all know we have [to do] push-ups,” senior Nathan Stucki said about boys cross country coach Kevin John.