Community reconnects through through 50th Anniversary Celebration


Courtesy of Susan Anderson

2004 alumna Susan Anderson teaches in the science ASC and coaches volleyball.

Bennett Davis, Staff Writer

In honor of the doors opening 50 years ago, current students and alumni will come together on Sept. 23 for carnival events and treats, followed by a noon home football game vs Ladue.

“If you’ve done something for 50 years, and have done it as well as we have here at Parkway West, we should celebrate. I don’t think we take time to celebrate things enough,” athletic director Brian Kessler said. “This place has made a positive impact on the lives of our kids and our community. We should come together and celebrate what we have accomplished.”

The carnival starts at 10 a.m. and the admission price is $10, covering admission to both the carnival and the football game.

“I think students will certainly get a feel for the traditions, it’s quite a big deal to say that I’m part of the 50th class to graduate or that I was there for the 50th first day of school,” Stephanie Hornsby, community outreach liaison said.

The celebration continues for alumni at 6:30 p.m. at the Chesterfield Doubletree until 11 p.m., where the night will include dinner, a dessert buffet and dancing.

“It is meant to reconnect people. The plans are to continue the communication even after the event passes, so people can stay in contact throughout the years. The intent is not for this to be a one time event, but to keep adding groups [of alumni] through unity to this community,” assistant athletic director Anne Wayland said.