School says farewell to sophomore secretary Joyce Weis


Samantha Gaddis

Sophomore Secretary Joyce Weis reflects on all of the students she has met over the 19 years serving Parkway.

After 19 years of working at West, sophomore secretary Joyce Weis plans to retire with her sixth class in May.

After receiving her job four years ago, Sophomore Assistant Principal Jenn Sebold met with Weis to introduce herself.

“She had this motherly stern look and said, ‘If you can remember this, then we’re going to get along: I love these kids, and I expect you to love them too. These are my kids and I plan to take care of them. If you’re working with me, we’re going to take care of these kids together,’” Sebold said.

As she spoke, Sebold apologized for “tearing up” as talking about Weis leaving makes her emotional.

“She goes out of her way to get answers,” Sebold said. “She never passes the buck, saying, ‘That’s not my job.’ When something comes to her attention, she makes sure it’s settled. Not everybody is like that.”

Sebold continued to say that Weis goes above and beyond when it comes to her students.

She never turns away a single person.”

— Jenn Sebold

“She just cares about people. She gets the custodians cookie cakes every year for their birthdays,” Sebold said. “She takes the extra time to talk to parents when their kids are absent, and finds out some of the most unique things–competitions, celebrations–things that we would otherwise never know about, and she takes the time to share it with us.”

Sebold and fellow Computer Technology Specialist Hal Brown are trying to get students, parents, faculty and alumni on board with sharing their appreciation for Weis’ work.

“If you are interested in showing your love and support to Joyce Weis just as she has shown so much love and support to us for the past 19 years, please reach out to Hal Brown,” Sebold said. “A letter, a card, a picture–any of these would be greatly appreciated by her. She is struggling greatly with this retirement decision, and needs as much love and affirmation as she can get walking out the door.”

Brown and Weis were hired the same year and have gotten to know each other over time from when Weis encountered computer problems.

“She is usually one of the last people to leave here at night, and she always has a lot going on,” Brown said. “Yet, she always greets people with a smile when they come in her office.”

Not only does she build strong relationships with Parkway staff, but students, too.

“She’s told me about her entire life, and I can tell her about mine. She just instantly builds that connection with her students,” senior Alyssa Flemming said. “I know she would love to hear from past and current students, because I know they all appreciate her. She never turns away a single person.”