Marching band parades around school


Chris Bass

The marching band clears the field after they form a tunnel for the varsity football team at the game on Aug. 26. They performed the first movement of their competition show, "Journey Through the Night," at halftime later that night.

Before school on Friday, Sept. 16, the marching band paraded through the hall playing pep songs typically performed during football games. Every year, homecoming spirit day is marked by drum cadences echoing through the school from 7:00 until 7:30 a.m.

“We march because it’s fun and it gets people excited for homecoming. We really enjoy playing for people, especially when it’s early in the morning and no one wants to be awake,” drum major and junior Erin Puhan said.

This year, band director Brad Wallace played trumpet and marched with students, with Puhan leading the band and deciding where to march next. Performing before school is optional for band members; approximately half of the band, including color guard, joined this morning. This is a much less structured performance than the band is accustomed to—today they could occasionally break step to maneuver through stair wells, talk a bit while marching and be more theatrical than allowed in the stands at football games.