Lacrosse contends powerhouse MICDS


Shanna Bailey

The boys lacrosse team huddles together after the first half versus Chaminade to discuss what to work on to beat the opponent.

Missouri is known for the St. Louis Arch and rural farmland – not for being a cultivator of quality high school lacrosse teams. Usually excellent lacrosse players are from the east coast and even areas of Canada. However, there is one high school in Missouri that really sticks out when Division 1 NCAA college teams look for possible recruits: MICDS.

“MICDS has been building their program since these kids were in third grade,” senior midfielder and faceoff man Rami Ringling said. “They ensure that they always have a solid player to put at every position.”

Looking at the past two years and their Division I back-to-back state titles, the development plan MICDS seems to have placed is working for them. Although MICDS is currently ranked #94 in the nation, in high school lacrosse players, at West players are nothing less than confident in their abilities to play a close game with the acclaimed team.

“Everyone is anticipating the game against MICDS,” senior goalie Jacob Ransom said. “It will be a true dog fight all the way through. We know we will see them through the playoffs when it means the most,but I’m looking forward to seeing them in the regular season so we know what to look for and what to work on so we can knock MICDS off the throne to bring home another state championship.”

During the off-season, Parkway West acquired eight students and the coach from the Parkway Fusion team, a combination of players from Parkway Central and Parkway North. The new additions strengthen the defending Division II state championship team in that three of the newcomers are starters for each game.

“The transition from Fusion to Parkway West has been very easy so far,” Parkway Central senior, defenseman and captain Gavin Smallwood said. “The players and coaches have been very accepting of us and very open to change on the team.”

Parkway West, ranked sixth in the state, is off to a strong start this year with a 4-1 record, the only loss coming to Chaminade, ranked fifth in the state.

“We’ve been doing very well as a team,” Parkway Central senior attackman Connor Hank said. “We’re 42 guys that love lacrosse and all share a common goal: to win a state championship.”

Parkway West is set to play MICDS  May 5 at MICDS at 4:00 pm.

“We hope to be completely fine tuned come the MICDS game and functioning at our full potential,” Ransom said “It will be tough game and we hope to catch them by surprise and get an early lead and fight all the way to the end to bring home a win.”