I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it review

Interscope Records

At the await of thousands of people, indie pop band, The 1975 has released their new album I Like it When You Sleep For You Look So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It. The new album is, according to the band, is remarkable and incandescent, and I don’t necessarily agree.

Looking back before this album, their previous self-titled album (2013) was what has given this band a name in the music industry with an excellent reception and reviews. Before then, the band would not have been heard by most anyone since they were a punk cover band in south Manchester, England that played only local gigs.

After touring and releasing three EPs from mid-2012 to 2013, the band was fairly popular until they released The 1975 and became an international phenomenon that people resonate with because of themes in their music – sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, according to AllMusic. Since then, the band has toured around North America and the United Kingdom and written and recorded a new album.

That brings us back to I Like it When You Sleep. Just as the previous album, all of the songs are circling sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. And just like the previous album, it starts with upbeat funk-electronica music and slowly moves down to ambient and more vocally-based songs.

The albums even both open with the exact same song, titled “The 1975”! To quote lead singer, Matt Healy, at the start of the music video for “Girls” of off the self-titled album, “ev’rything feels totally wrong…it’s too pop—we’re not a pop band.”

I agree that everything is off, but for the exact opposite reason. “Love Me,” “She’s American,” “Loving Someone” and “Somebody Else” all have the basic 4/4 time signature, four-chord, title-for-droning-chorus-ness of pop music which made me feel like I was listening to the same song on loop over and over again.

My favorite part of the album was the end, and not in a sarcastic way. “Paris,” “Nana” and “She Lays Down” are the last three songs and in my opinion are fantastic. “Paris” is a song that I think everyone can relate to because it’s about how life is so screwed up and terrible because of what we do as people that sometimes we just need to get away from it all. The two final songs were a nice mix-up because they were both led by an acoustic guitar which contrasts the rest of the album’s sound entirely; after 15 songs, it’s quite delightful even though the songs are sad.

At first glance, I Like it When You Sleep felt like a 2013 repeat, but if you’re into that, then by all means listen to this album. However, once I had listened to it two or three times through, I started to see the appeal of it even though it isn’t that great when it comes to lyric meaning. In the end, it was mediocre, but I think it will live up to their reputation as a band in the long run.

The Parkway West Pathfinder gives I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It 5.4/10.