A Head Full of Dreams album review

Coldplay takes listeners on an “Adventure Of A Lifetime.”


After years of anticipation from fans, Coldplay released their new album A Head Full Of Dreams Dec. 4. The album as a whole reminded me of Mylo Xyloto in its upbeat and optimistic songs, compared to the dreariness of Ghost Stories. It also features the artists Tove Lo, Beyoncé and Avicii.

The album opens up with the title track “A Head Full Of Dreams,” a cheery song that inspires listeners to “be what you want to be.” This theme resonates throughout the album, along with an everlasting daydream-like vibe.

“A Hymn For The Weekend” is a more pop-ish dance tune. “Life is a drink, and love’s a drug,” lead singer Chris Martin sings, alongside Beyoncé. Avicii adds to the sound with trumpeting synths and a catchy tune. This is definitely a song to listen for on hit pop radio stations.

“Everlast” slows it down, opening with the soft chirping of birds, leading into a soft voice and beautiful piano. Martin sings, “When I’m in shadow / There’s a feeling you give me, an everglow.” It’s a beautiful, slow song about the way love mends people.

“Adventure Of A Lifetime” brings out the new style of mixing and sampling in alternative music that has grown in popularity, such of that of “Gold” by Imagine Dragons. “Adventure Of A Lifetime” is a beautiful song giving off a vibe of freedom.

The one thing I did not like about “Adventure Of A Lifetime” was the music video. It featured the band as chimpanzees in the jungle singing and playing instruments. The music video felt out of place and it did not seem to fit the song.

In addition, synthpop singer Tove Lo only sung back vocals rather than adding something stronger to the song in her collaboration singing “Fun.” Fans of Tove Lo would be disappointed, but I still felt “Fun” is a nice piece regardless.

One of my favorite tracks off the album is “Kaleidoscope” with its brilliant piano piece. It uses a sampling of a man’s voice explaining how humans are like guest houses, and how we should welcome the feelings that visit us. It is more of a transitionary song off the album, but it still brings an inspirational message with a wonderful instrumental.

The last line of the album drives home its main theme: “Believe in love.”

All in all, the album is a masterpiece of inspirational messages and giving hope in a better life even when struggle hits hard, and yet another amazing Coldplay album.

Parkway West Pathfinder gives A Head Full Of Dreams a 7.5/10.