The Chainsmokers tour recap


Late at night November 19 in the Delmar Loop after raving for hours, hundreds of panting and sweaty fans poured out of The Pageant from the sold-out Chainsmokers’ concert.

The opening acts, Super Duper, Sean Frank and Matoma set the tone for the spine-tingling intensity of the repetitive beat drops.

After three hours of opening acts, the crowd was dying of anticipation, but never lost their excitement. Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart and Alex Pall started off the show with their well-known song “Roses,” and Pageant’s audience hysteria finally got released. They could not have picked a better song to start out. The moshpit turned into a tidal wave as teenage girls shoved people aside to reach the front row.

The concert consisted of two hours of songs from their latest album Bouquet, smoke machines and confetti, and dub-smash remixes to popular songs, such as “Rude” by Magic, “Lean On” by Major Lazer & DJ snake, “Talking Bodies” by Tov Lo, and many more chart topping hits.

The crowd knew popular hit “#SELFIE” was going to be played soon. The song opened up with an overwhelming array of lights similar to those of the Aurora Borealis, and the crowd was ecstatic the second they heard the first beat to the song.

Although Taggart and Pall were behind their computers most of the time, they still made an effort to talk the audience occasionally. The crowd was so engulfed in the music, especially when Alex interacted with the crowd, inviting us to sing along.

Majority of the audience most likely woke up with kinks in their necks from head banging for several hours. But it was definitely worth the pain to experience an unforgettable night; I even managed to go the entire night without taking a selfie – pun intended.