14 Seniors presented with “Glory of Missouri Award”


Noah Bozue

On April 20, fourteen of West High’s seniors met at the Missouri capitol to be presented with the 2015 “Glory of Missouri Awards”, including titles and a signature from state representative Sue Allen. An engraving on the House Chamber reads, “All the foregoing human qualities bind into one theme, the Glory of Missouri because no people attain these virtues unless they are great.” The virtues were created in the early 1920s when the original House Chamber had to be rebuilt after a fire. “To me, this award is a recognition of the hard work we’ve put in for the last four years. Not just the 14 of us, but really us as a class,” senior Emily Young, who was recognized for Progress, said. Part of learning how to be a senior is learning to be a good role model and asset to our school community, and it was really nice to be recognized for such simple qualities of character.”