Chisolm chases second half marathon

Senior runs second half marathon


When most students hear the phrase “mile run,” moaning and groaning typically follows suit. However, senior Megan Chisholm not only welcomes the challenge of a mile run but on Saturday, April 25, she welcomed the challenge of 13.1 mile run while competing in the 2015 St. Jude Rock and Roll Marathon, in Nashville, TN.

“This was actually my second half marathon that I’ve run. Last March, I decided that I wanted to run a half marathon because I wasn’t running track anymore. and because my friend was also running one. I thought it would be a good way to keep training even though I wasn’t doing a spring sport,” Chisholm said. “I liked last year’s half marathon so much, I decided to run another one this year.”

During her junior year, Chisholm ran her half marathon in 1:47:42. This year, she reduced her time by 11 minutes, running a 1:36:23 (7:35 pace per mile).

Chisholm credits her success to the vast number of hours she put in to her training as well as her variety of workouts.

“Last year, I would do one run long run a week, and I ran pretty much everyday. But this year, I would alternate long runs and speed workouts. Also, my long runs were longer than my actual half marathon, and that helped better prepare me because it made my race seem shorter,” Chisholm said.

For Chisholm, the race was memorable not only because she set a personal record, but also because the race featured bands playing alongside the runners.

IMG_8262 (2)“The easiest part of the race was when we ran by the crowds cheering you on and all the bands playing music because they were a great encouragement to keep going,” Chisholm said.

In addition to the atmosphere of the whole event, Chisholm appreciated having her father training with her for the race.

“It was really awesome to have him there to encourage me and help me run faster on hard days, and I could help encourage him on days where he was sore or wasn’t feeling good. I loved running together,” Chisholm said.

Chisholm aspires to participate in more long distance races in the future.

“I want to run a full marathon but I might have to wait a while before I do that. Currently, I’m looking into another half marathon this summer in either Wisconsin or Minnesota because they are the only places hosting them this time of year,” Chisholm said.

Chisholm encourages runners of all abilities to participate in half marathons of their own.

“I would say you should definitely build up your stamina for the race so you’ll have confidence when you run. Also, just have fun,” Chisholm said. “There are a lot of different races to choose from, so find a fun one and all the money goes to different charities.”

Chisholm attributes her success and growth to her dedication to a difficult training regimen.

“I’ve learned that you really can do anything you set your mind to,” Chisholm said. “Four years ago, I thought running five miles was a lot and now I’m able to run 15 miles. It shows how you can do anything if you put in the effort and keep practicing.”