Judy Babitz, Counseling Secretary extrodinaire

Guidance Secretary by day, personal trainer by night.

From the capital of the United States, to a potential law degree, to personal training, to Parkway North, the new Guidance Secretary Judy Babitz is now using her background to aid the Counseling department.

“I worked as a Legislative Correspondent for Senator Tom Eagleton in Washington, D.C. before moving back to St. Louis. Before accepting the position at Parkway West, I was the Testing Coordinator at Parkway North,” Babitz said. “I am also a Personal Trainer at the Chesterfield Athletic Club, which I continue to do as well. I have been a Personal Trainer for 21 years. I graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s degree.”

Babitz’s dream of being a lawyer is being carried out by her son.

“I was positive I was going to be a lawyer. After I met my husband, we decided to move to St. Louis, and I put off going back to school. Four children later, I never went to Law School. One of my sons is an attorney and my youngest son is actually in Law School, so I guess it all worked out after all,” Babitz said.

After she moved back to St. Louis, personal training appealed to Babitz because it allowed her to help people.

“I have always been into exercise and helping people and the two go well together. I have not stopped training. I work with my clients before and after my time spent at West,” Babitz said.

She applied at West after her position at North was eliminated.

“I have always heard great things about West. My first day at West was wonderful. Everyone here is so welcoming and they even had a luncheon the second day in my honor,” Babitz said.

Even only after a short time, Babitz feels comfortable with the staff and building.

“[It feels] as if I have been here for a very long time. Everyone here, students and faculty, are extremely welcoming and nice. I have had a lot of support from the other members of the counseling department,” Babitz said. “My favorite part of the day is spending time with students. Students are great.”

Although she looks forward to interacting with students, her future plans include seeing the world.

“My plans for the future include traveling and spending time with my family. Italy is on my bucket list; I just love history and art and I think that would be an awesome place to go. I have four children and all of them graduated from Parkway: one is married, the others are employed as a lawyer, financial advisor, nurse and one is in Law School,” she said.

Overall, Babitz has a positive mission for her time at West.

“I enjoy helping people reach their goals and improve their quality of life,” Babitz said.