POW: Kyle Bernstein and Tucker Watts, 12


“Do you guys still beat box?”

“Of course not,” Bernstein said.

“We don’t beat box we drop freestyles, we spit freestyle raps,” Watts said.

“When did you guys start rapping?”

“We started probably sophomore year, we made a rap for English about Lord of The Flies called Piggy, Ralph, Jack. We started spitting in the library one time, and was like oh shoot this is really fun,” Bernstein said.

“Then after the that the West Side Boys rap group started,” Watts said.

“Who is in the West Side Boys?”

“West Side Boys is me and Tucker, the co-founders,” Bernstein said.

“We had members come and go. Wyatt Harlan is actually included this year. He is a new addition to the West Side Boys crew,” Watts said.

“Like I said earlier we had some alternates, we had some bad memories, but were getting through them, hopefully well make it big,” Bernstein said.