POW: Dr. Angela Frye, Creative Writing


“Why do you have such an interest in movies?”

“When I grew up, my mother would always show us old movies. A lot of them were black and white and I think that just added to the drama of the ones we would see. Whenever my dad would take us to the theater, it was such a treat.”

“How do you decide on what movie to watch?”

“Well I know the genres I don’t like, which are gory and western movies, so I just watch any movie but those.”

“Why/ how did Jaws become your favorite movie?”

“It was the most memorable movie. It’s kind of funny, because my dad took us to see it right before our family vacation to the beach. He basically ruined our entire trip by showing us such an intense and violent movie at our age. It’s kind of funny now because it’s my all time favorite movie.”

“In your opinion, what makes a movie good?”

“Anything that makes you think or spark some kind of emotion. To me, movies have to trigger curiosity or fear, just anything to get me to react and pull me in to connect me to the plot.”