Feminist Club promotes gender equality


Mary Galkowski

Junior Sidney Baker shows her support for the Feminist Club by purchasing a t-shirt that reads "This is what a feminist looks like". Baker was recruited to the club's executive staff as the Publicist, running the social media accounts.

In today’s society, women and men are not always treated equally. But instead of tolerating prejudices, juniors Mariel McMindes and Kathryn Harter kick-started the Feminist Club to promote gender equality.

“Though in the United States standards for women are a lot better than elsewhere, there are still a lot of injustices that should not exist in this modern time,” McMindes said.

The Feminist Club hopes to raise awareness about gender equality and reduce misconceptions about feminism, or supporting and advocating equal rights for all genders.

“A big part is that we want to involve the guys of our school because a lot of people connect feminism with man hating. That is just one of the greatest misconceptions that we want to correct. Feminism is not a bad thing at all and it is crazy because a lot of people think it is,” McMindes said.

Recently the club discussed Emma Watson and her ‘He For She campaign,’ a movement to promote gender equality.

“We do presentations, and people of all genders can come and talk about any issues they see in society,” Harter said.

Harter and McMindes have always supported gender equality.

“I think I’ve always been a feminist because I believe in the equality of all genders,” Harter said.

“I have two older sisters, a mom and a nana, and just growing up with their influence I’ve always believed in women’s rights,” McMindes said. “I’m a woman, so I want equal rights for women.”

The next meeting for the Feminist club is Tuesday, Jan. 27 at 7 a.m. in room 3416.  All students are welcomed to attend.