POW: Amy Thornhill, History teacher


“What school were you at before West?”

“I was at Parkway North for 14 years.”

“Did you teach history there too?”

“I taught Social Studies, Modern Warfare, Government, World Culture, Sociology, and World History.”

“What is your favorite subject to teach?”

“I really like warfare, the sociological aspects of war. And I also really like teaching sociology.”

“What was the biggest difference from West to North?”

“I think the biggest difference was not knowing any of the students on the first day because at North I knew a bunch of students because I was there so long. So coming in as a new teacher was a bit strange.”

“Why did you choose to transfer from North to West?”

“I put in for a transfer because my family and I were moving to Ladue and if I came here it would be 40 minutes less of a drive. So I was moving and interviewing for this job all in the same year so that was a bit stressful but it all worked out.”