POW: Ashlyn Gravatte, 11


“When did you start nannying?”

“I started babysitting in sixth grade, but I started nannying the family that I nanny now for five days a week, from four to six at the beginning of this year. I nanny three kids, twins that are in kindergarten, Max and Vivian and a girl in fourth grade, Ava. I pick them up from school everyday and take them to their house or if it’s nice out I’ll take them to the park or somewhere fun.”

“How did you meet them?”

“I have babysat for probably 40-50 families and I’ve been recommended to them through a few of the families that I’ve babysat for in the past.”

“What is the most difficult part of nannying?”

“When the kids fight and determining when to play the friend role and the guardian role.”

“What is your favorite part?”

“I love having the kids love up to me and all the good times I have with them.”

“What are the advantages and disadvantages?”

“The advantages are that I get paid to have fun and I get to form special relationships with the kids. The disadvantages are when the kids have meltdowns and having to deal with it. I also hate punishing them because they get mad at me.”

“What is your most memorable moment?”

“Definitely when we went to Valasis Park and Vivian almost fell in the toilet. After her almost falling out of the toilet, we walked out of the bathroom and she saw a goose and decided that it was a good idea to hiss at it. She then figured out that wasn’t such a good idea when it started chasing her and almost attacked her. She started screaming and crying so I picked her up and we both started laughing.”