St. Louis’ Halloween Scene

Feeling that Halloween spirit yet? St. Louis has plenty to do.


Hannah Hoffmann

Not everyone is the type to run from zombies these days; people around STL have gone as far as to join them!

Up for some haunting Halloween horrors around St. Louis this October? Whether you hope to embrace your inner brain-eating monster or hunt around town for the paranormal, St. Louis has something for you.


Maybe you consider yourself a fan of the undead…

Zombies have been a Halloween favorite for decades, with zombie movies, costumes and  apparel hitting shelves each year. St. Louis is no exception to the zombie craze, with yearly events based around the concept. While eating brains has most likely never been any student’s life goal, it never hurts to join in the fad.

The primary zombie-related activities in the area are zombie runs and zombie walks. If you have ever had trouble finding the motivation to run, zombie runs may be the thing for you. Slowing in pace? Dawdle too much and a hoard of zombies will waste no time in attacking. In reality, there is no danger. The “zombies,” volunteers dressed up as the undead, chase you and try to yank off a flag football-like belt you’re given at the start of the race. Get caught and face a time penalty.

Zombie walks are a bit more on the mild side; all walkers sport a zombie costume and shamble through the streets of St. Louis. There is no chase, no escaping; just a bunch of people—er, zombies—celebrating the idea of the undead.

While most of 2014’s St. Louis zombie runs and walks have been canceled or completed, next year always stands as a possibility. The Zombie Run, Zombie Chase Trail Run, and St. Louis Zombie Walk are all possibilities for returning events next year.

Alternatively, there is a fight option compared to the flight option zombie runs bring. On any Friday or Saturday during October, Xtreme Paintball Park offers the opportunity for you to head out on a hayride with a mob of zombies following closely behind. The great part? You are provided a paintball gun and ample opportunity to “attack.”

If you happen to be brave enough, the park is now also offering on-foot zombie hunts. Think you can handle an approaching onslaught of zombies with nothing but a paintball gun? No matter what happens, friends and family will be able to watch from nearby stands as you either stand victoriously or run screaming.


…or maybe the paranormal?

There are plenty of ghostly activity around St. Louis; if you would like to see as much of it as you can, a ghost tour may be what you’re looking for. St. Charles Ghost Tours let you roam the streets while visiting sites like graveyards, haunted churches, haunted houses and more.

Depending on how far you’re willing to travel, there are other Ghost Tours in the area. Mineral Springs and Hannibal feature ghost tours as well.

Places such as The Lemp, Morse Mill Hotel and Campbell House Mansion also have the reputation of being haunted, and offer tours, or even free-roam explorations where you can look for ghosts or spirits at your own pace… in the middle of the night amidst a pitch-black, silent building. What could go wrong?

Wildwood’s Rock Hollow Trail, also known as Zombie Road, has been rumored for years to be haunted by “shadow people” who watch those who dare to walk the trail, which was built near an indian burial mound, at night.


Perhaps your entire goal is to be scared?

If so, there’s plenty up your alley! Three major haunted houses call St. Louis home: The Darkness, Creepyworld and The Abyss. The Darkness, located downtown, is renovated each year to feature new ways to scare guests, and has been running since 1994. Creepyworld, located near Fenton, advertises 12 different haunted attractions for guests to visit.

The Abyss is actually located underneath Lemp Mansion itself, in the building’s old, winding underground tunnels. The main goal of this haunted house is to bring out your fear of the darkness as you travel through small, rocky openings while doing your best to follow your only path markers, red flashing lights.

Brookdale Farms also offers what they call a Corn Maze Massacre; travel through a huge corn maze in the dark while trying to keep away from the different Halloweenish creatures lurking about.

No matter how you hope to celebrate Halloween this year, St. Louis has something for you.