Athlete Spotlight: Philip Aden


Kristen Witt

Senior captain Philip Aden wears the columbia blue varsity jersey as he races in the Randy Seagrisk invitational

After three years of running, senior captain Philip Aden has gone from running a 19:33 personal best freshman year, to a 17:13 at the Stan Nelson invitational in the second meet of his senior season.

“He sets a positive example by having a good work ethic, and willingness to do whatever he can to help the team,” Head Coach Kevin John said. “There are some days he doesn’t love what I have him doing but he goes out there and does it because that’s what needs to be done, I think that attitude is what we need on our team.”

Aden is one of three captains selected by his peers.

“He is like the father figure of the cross country team,” senior runner Jay Vickraman said. “When Coach John and Coach Witt are busy, Philip is the guy who steps up and teaches everyone their place.”

Aden was selected co-captain after being one of three team members who participated in the Sectional meet at the end of his junior year. He placed 40th in the meet with a time of 17:37, ten spots away from making it to the State meet.

[Aden] is very focused on getting the job done everyday… goal oriented, always trying to improve himself, [and] improve the team,”

— Head Coach Kevin John

“Philip is a very important member of team because of his leadership and dedication,” John said, “He is very focused on getting the job done everyday. He is goal oriented, always trying to improve himself, improve the team and he is always willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.”

Throughout his four years of cross country Aden has not missed a single meet due to injury.

“He provides structure and leadership,” junior varsity runner Logan Stucki said. “He is a good example to the other runners and he provides a lot of strength to the team, providing more talent. He can be funny occasionally.”

Aden, who leads putting up the team tent, decided to invest his personal money into the team and created a new center pole for the tent. Similarly, Aden made modifications to the water jug the team takes to meets.

“He is very adamant and stubborn sometimes about the way the things should be done. He is very straight forward, he gets things done right, he is a no-nonsense type of guy,” fellow captain Andrew Osborne said. “He is also hardworking, he knows what he thinks, he has got a definite set of ideals and morals and he sticks by them, and he is a very deep thinker.”

In the offseason Aden organized afternoon team practices every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Queeny Park. During team practices Aden ran and worked with junior Logan Stucki.

“Philip helped me improve as a runner just by running with me,” Stucki said. “He has also challenged me, and built up my confidence, he is always their to help give me an extra umph, he challenges me to get better.

Aden also participates in the winter workouts orchestrated by Head Coach Kevin John. Where, according to Osborne, Vickraman, and Stucki, Aden gave them a moment that they will remember in particular.

“I will remember Philip for is ‘ Philip-ian’ proverbs,” Osborne said. “During winter running sophomore year he said something I will never forget, ‘the cold winter winds make me reminisce on the hot summer days.”

Aden was a member of the last freshman team Kevin John coached before he became head coach.

“I will remember Philip for the fact that he is always focused on the task at hand, and how much I appreciate his effort.” John said.”He always doesn’t love what he has to do but he does it anyway because he knows thats what is needed to be done. He will do whatever I ask of him to the best of his ability. It is always tough to lose guys who are willing to do whatever they can for the team.”