Funsize Film club restructures to increase membership


Macky Kavanaugh

During a lunch meeting on Sept. 8, sophomore Ann Rapp, seniors Alex Schnurr, Charlie Huff and Elizabeth Newell plan the year’s upcoming calendar of events.

Lights, Camera, Action! Making a reappearance on the school’s big screen is the Funsize Film club, led by senior Charlie Huff with the assistance of senior Alex Schnurr, senior Elizabeth Newell and sophomore Ann Rapp.

“Funsize Film is basically a club where students get opportunities to work on both sides of the camera,” Huff said. “There’s a lot of filming, pre-writing and acting for all kinds of filming projects. We do a lot of short films, funny skits and commercials.”

The film club ran into issues with advertising, resulting in the club’s inactivity during the 2013-2014 school year.

“I was in charge of [the club] last year. I tried to make a schedule for members but there was a lack of interest and not a lot of members to begin with. The first meeting was alright but it didn’t get advertised enough for new students to come or for existing members to participate,” Schnurr said. “We tried to advertise over the announcements but it wasn’t enough and the club fell through.”

In hopes to keep the film club rolling, Huff, alongside sponsors Dan Barnes, Laura Glenn and Amy Gossett, proposed new ideas to bring the club back to life.

“This year, one of the ideas we’re proposing is for the club to start doing a news report so that some students can get practice filming and editing,” Huff said. “We’re going to make a YouTube channel and record news videos about what’s happening with the school so that teachers can play it at the end of the day on Fridays. It’s a working idea, and it goes hand in hand with Newspaper.”

Schnurr along with the Film Club leaders are in the process of brainstorming advertising and communication methods to reach a larger audience.

“There’s really something for everyone to do here,” Schnurr said. “We pushed our first meeting back so that we can have more time to structure things. We’re trying really hard to have the club run smoother than it has before.”

The club’s first meeting is Tuesday, Sept. 16 in room 1514, after school. Students interested in joining the club or finding out any more information should contact Gossett at [email protected] or Huff at [email protected]