Boys track season recap


Sarah Booth

Freshman Nehemiah Colyer sprints at a boys track on the track. Colyer ran the 4×4 and the 300 meter hurdles this season. “I would say my biggest accomplishments are actually being able to run on varsity since not many freshman are actually able to do that. It feels pretty cool and kids stop me in the hallway and ask me about it but I try not to make a big deal about it and stay humble,” Colyer said. “I ran track because I want to stay in shape and to get faster for football.”

Leaving other teams frozen in their tracks, the team’s season just competed in Districts, the third to last meet, with a 4th place finish in the JV and varsity division at Conference.

“We have good sprinters now and good distance runners, which has really helped the team over all. Running at Conference was one of the best parts of the season,” junior Evan Wright said.

The goals for the season were to have as many runners as possible run at the state meet and for the team in general to do their best.

“My goals were that we got a lot of kids out for the team, we showed up to practice every day, and we worked hard with a good attitude,” Coach Kevin John said.

John has been recruiting new runners for the season.

“The team has really come along this season.  We have identified what the strengths of our guys are, and we have been able to put together a team with competitive sprinters, jumpers, distance runners and some good young relay teams,” John said.

At practice, the runners, throwers, hurdlers split off and work on their individual skills.

“Practice starts with some easy jogging, and then we do a lot of drills for flexibility, running form, etc.  Then we break off into groups by event and do the workouts from there,” John said. “Sprinters, jumpers and hurdlers will often do repeat workouts from 150 – 500 meters.  Throwers will lift weights or practice throwing.  Distance runners will do road runs of about 3-6 miles or do repeats like 16×400, 6×800, or 3×1 mile.”

Wright ran the mile, the 800-meter and the 4×4 and the 4×8 races. Wright also got conference champion in the mile and runner up in the 100-meter relay.

“I run track because I am fast and the team needs me. There was an 800-meter race that I ran with some of the top guys in state and they were all running really fast and I felt myself striding with them and I felt really rejuvenated. I am proud of the effort we put out this year,” Wright said.

New to the team was freshman Nehemiah Colyer, a 4×4 and the 300-meter hurdler.

“I would say my biggest accomplishments were actually running on varsity since not many freshman actually do that. It felt pretty cool and kids stopped me in the hallway and asked me about it but I tried not to make a big deal about it and stay humble,” Colyer said. “I ran track because I wanted to stay in shape and to get faster for football.”

Colyer remembers the Freshman Invite, where he ran the 300-meter hurdles.

“My biggest highlight was when I beat this guy from Parkway Central. Two races in a row he beat me and then it was a race here at a freshman meet and I actually beat him in the last couple of meters and got a personal record at 41 seconds. It felt pretty awesome because my coaches came up to be screaming,” Colyer said. “My goals for next season are to just get faster than I am now and there are a lot of guys that can beat me but I want to be able to beat them, as I get older.”