Sterling Expelled from NBA

The NBA seeks to oust the Sterling family from the ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers.


The NBA seeks to oust the Sterling family from the ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers.

The NBA bans Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, for life from any association with the league after he was recorded making prejudiced comments about African-Americans.

The recording was between Sterling and of his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, whom appear to be arguing about her affiliation with African-Americans on Instagram and at Clippers games. A 2.5 million dollar fine was also reprimanded on him that will later be donated to numerous anti-discrimination groups.

“I think it was an acceptable punishment for Donald Sterling’s actions. It was a completely inappropriate gesture, and it is sad to see that racism still occurs in the sport industry,” freshman Nick Wotruba said.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver reported the decision Tuesday at a news conference in New York. Sterling has owned the team for 33 years until now being forced to sell the team by the NBA Board of Governors. According to Forbes magazine, the Clippers are worth 575 million dollars, after being only worth 12 million when Sterling bought them.

“I have heard in the news that Magic Johnson has been a front runner for the new ownership position. He would fit well with the Clippers because of his L.A. ties,”sophomore Hasan Baig said.

The Clippers wore their warm-up uniform inside-out in wake of the recordings. If no repercussions were issued, the team was planning a boycott. That night, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Clippers 138-98, making it their worst playoff defeat in franchise history.

“This is a significant step forward for the organization and in the fight against racial discrimination. The Clippers are not the only team boycotting their warm-up uniforms; the Miami Heat has boycotted theirs as well . This demonstrates how the entire league feels about Sterling’s actions,” junior Cole Harris said.

Despite the controversy surrounding the organization, in game seven, the Clippers went onto defeat the Golden State Warriors.

“If the Clippers were able to overcome the Warriors, then I believe that they should be able to play with any team for the rest of the playoffs,” freshman Max Critchfield said.