Boys Baseball plague with injuries


Sophomore Daniel Bickert pitches at Lindbergh against the Flyers on Saturday, April 12.

The JV baseball team has been plagued with two serious injuries this season. Junior Jackson Fleming and freshman Matt Perego have the most notable injuries on the team. A few weeks ago in a game at Westminster, Fleming broke his femur and hyperextended his knee as he tried to beat out a ground ball to first base.

“I stepped on first base wrong on a close play and heard a snap in my leg. I knew something was wrong right away because of the tingling that followed, I couldn’t move,” Fleming said.

Fleming was rushed to the hospital for an immediate surgery to place numerous screw and plates to hold his femur together.

“The bone was overlapping the other which caused difficulty for the doctors during surgery. They had to use some stainless steel plates and screws for stability. I was in the hospital for three days following the surgery,” Fleming said.

The doctors are unaware what ligaments may have torn in his knee because of his broken femur. At this point, recovery time is anywhere from eight months to a year. Fleming is hopeful he can walk again in around six months.

“I hope to be ready for baseball next year since its my last year. Right now hockey is questionable in the winter, I don’t want to push it,” Fleming said.

Freshman Matt Perego dislocated his knee in the same week during a play at home plate.

“I was pitching and threw a wild pitch and when I was covering home, I dislocated my knee jumping over the runner trying to score. I knew something was wrong right away when I felt the pain in my knee,” Perego said.

Perego is out for two months and will not be able to return to the field this season.

“I am hopeful I will be back around the beginning of June for club baseball. The hardest part about being injured is knowing you could help your team win,” Perego said.