Editorial: The wrongs of prom

Junior Stefanie Elsperman tries on her $305 prom dress for final alterations.

Jackie Elsperman

Junior Stefanie Elsperman tries on her $305 prom dress for final alterations. "Prom is obviously a really expensive event, but I think it will all be worth it," Elsperman said. The 2014 junior and senior prom will be held May 3 at the Kemp Auto Museum in the Chesterfield Valley.

No matter how much we don’t want to admit it, prom brings stress and insecurity to all teenage girls.

With the big day right around the corner, girls are going through extreme measures to get ready for the infamous day. From excess shopping and working out to fake tanning and professional beauty treatments, high school girls know no bounds when it comes to the competition of outdoing one another at prom.

Average prom dress prices range from $200-$600 (not including alterations).

If you think a dress wouldn’t seem like a huge deal, think again. Dress shopping has become one of the most stressful and expensive pastimes of girls longing to look their best at school dances. It seems like the motto is “the more expensive the sparkles are, the better.” However, this mentality is usually wrong. Simple dresses almost always look more elegant than the extremely over-done and extravagant ones.

Starving for skinny

Competition is not just for the prettiest dress, but for the best body as well. Dieting and excessive working out have become a huge part of preparation for prom. Some even go so far as to use certain types of pills that reduce hunger so they don’t eat. All for what? For the satisfaction that you look “better” than someone in a dress.

Fake baking

“Pale is pretty” is not a commonly heard phrase in high school halls anymore. Everyone strives to be tan all year round, even if it includes the use of tanning beds or spray tans. The amount of orange skin seen in the halls increases exponentially around prom season. Everyone strives for the “sun-kissed” glow, but ends up somewhat resembling an Oompa Loompa.

More makeup

The time when natural beauty was admired is gone. Today, girls pile on the pounds of makeup to achieve the “flawless” look. Beauty salons are booked full during prom season so teenage girls can get their hair and makeup professionally done to look like they belong on the red carpet.

High school dances are supposed to be non-stressful, fun events that don’t take much planning on the students’ part. As time goes by, high school girls succumb to the mentality that prom is the most important night of their lives and stop at nothing to achieve what they deem to be “true beauty,” all for a few hours of their high school career.