Directors prepare for One Acts

Directors prepare for One Acts

After a month of rehearsals and preparation, the theatre department presents the Senior Directed One Acts. Seniors Alex Browne, Ezgi Ilhan and Jason Erwin will be directing their own one act play.

“It’s going to be a really good show because all the one acts are very different and all of the directors have different styles. It will be a good mix,” Erwin said.

To direct a one act, each student is required to take directing class. They will be graded on their performances.

“Directing is a capstone class, so everything that they have learned up until this point they use for their one act. They’ve learned about acting and how to analyze that, but as a director they have to take what they’ve learned and use it from an actor’s perspective to guide the cast through it. Ultimately their final production will be an example of of their understanding of the technical production and acting aspects of theatre,” Theatre teacher Amy Gossett said.

Before casting took place, each senior director chose a play to block and direct.

“We all picked comedies but they’re very different types of comedies. I looked up comedies with big casts online because I knew I wanted a large cast, and I just stumbled on mine. The directors and cast have all been working hard to make them great and they will be,” Ilhan said.

Although choosing a play and a cast may seem easy, there is a lot more than directing that goes into putting the production together.

“It’s seriously so much work. You have to do a bunch of papers and stuff for class. For example, my script analysis was almost 40 pages long. We have to do all the tech aspects too like costume design, lighting, sound plot and so on. Directing is the easiest part because by now its just instinctual,” Ilhan said.

According to the directors, this one act is expected to go smoothly.

“I’m excited for the one acts. I expect for a lot more new people to see the production and think of the one acts as something really fun to do and worth their time,” Browne said.

The performance will be on Thursday April 17. Tickets are $5 at the door.