Missing out on Mr. Longhorn


2013 Mr. Longhorn winner, Jaron Ma (left) and 2012 Mr. Longhorn winner, Andrew Kuehnle (right).

For the past two years, the senior boys have provided the West community with one of the most exhilarating events of the year: Mr. Longhorn.

Mr. Longhorn is essentially a male beauty pageant that allows the senior boys to strut their stuff one final time on the theatre stage. However, this year, the boys decided to skip out on turning in paperwork, and thus, the show will not go on.

Between the choreographed dance routine and showcasing of their talent, future occupations and formal wear, the Mr. Longhorn pageant has flocked crowds of over 300 people to the theatre, making it one of the most popular events of the year.

So why did the senior boys choose to disregard the multiple deadline extensions and cause the cancellation? No one can be sure, but people all over the school and the entire West community are disappointed.

Mr. Longhorn generates a massive sense of pride in our school. You would think that an amateur male beauty pageant wouldn’t draw this much attention, but I guess it’s true that you won’t believe it until you see it.

Attending the past two years myself, I realized that this event isn’t about who wins or loses, but about supporting your fellow classmates and cheering them on as they gain the courage to walk across the stage in leggings and crop tops in front of all their peers. You can literally feel all of the love emitting from the stage into the crowd, and reflecting right back to the participants.

Although it’s true that many female students attend this event to see their senior boys show off their swag on the catwalk, it has never just appealed to the female student population. There are just as many guys in the crowd chanting for their favorites as girls. That’s why I love Mr. Longhorn. It brings everyone together for a night of laid-back laughs. During both my times as a member of the audience, I never spotted a frown on anyone’s face. This friendly competition brings out the best in everyone involved, participants and crowd, to create a night to remember.

Without this beauty pageant, the seniors are missing out on the last big event of their high school careers that they can say is totally their own, no under classmen involved. Mr. Longhorn has always sort of been the final “hurrah” of the high school experience, and I hate to see not only the seniors, but the rest of the West community missing the grand finale as well.

Sorry, everyone. There will be no Andrew Kuehnle in a gladiator costume and no Jaron Ma performing the famous “Single Ladies” routine in six inch heels this year. Let’s hope the class of 2015 can bring this popular event back and stronger than ever next year.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Parkway School District.