Pros and Cons of being a Tri-athlete


Ellie Dunn

Senior Jake Hughes on the sideline at the Homecoming football game

It is rare to see tri-athletes nowadays. Many kids today focus on one main sport and play it year round, rather than playing more than one sport during the school year.

Being a tri-athlete can be very beneficial to one, but also takes up time and hard work.

“I love being able to play three sports because it keeps me active and also prevents procrastination. It does become very tiring, but when I come home I know I need to get straight to homework,” senior Jake Hughes said.

“Having a study hall greatly benefits me manage my time and work on school days,” Hughes said.

Playing three sports can be very affecting on schoolwork and can get in the way of homework for some players.

“When you come home from practice, most kids, including I, lack motivation to do homework because of fatigue. Being so tired makes it challenging to focus on school after a long day of sports,” Bobby Connor said.

Some sports than others can take up a lot of time throughout the year, and many of the football players agree that it is a very time costly sport to play, but it is all worth it.

“I think that Football is the most time consuming sport because it goes throughout most of the summer, and it continues every week for ten weeks,” Hughes said.

Rami Ringling is involved in football, indoor soccer, and lacrosse.

“Lacrosse is the most time consuming because it involves much travel around the country and takes up time and school work, but during the days I have off during lacrosse, I work strictly on homework and get as much of it completed as I can,” Ringling said.

“Colleges love seeing how much kids are involved in extra curricular activities and if you are a tri-athlete, it can only benefit you. I don’t ever want to look back and regret not playing a sport later on in life because you can miss out on so many great opportunities,” sophomore Bobby Connor said.