Cyber Bullying: How it affects others

Social networking sites are being taken advantage of as students have found new ways to bully others - over the web.

Lily Briscoe

Social networking sites are being taken advantage of as students have found new ways to bully others – over the web.

Anonymous Twitter accounts have made their way into hands of students. The tweets involve judgmental statements about people without realizing the potentially negative impact.

“I think these Twitter accounts are unnecessary and disrespectfully degrading to others,” sophomore Matt Pilgrim said.

The creation of these accounts results in indirect bullying.

“Bullying is my biggest pet peeve. I think it’s incredibly sad to see it happen and to  know how today so many are affected by this horrible thing,” sophomore Ally Guccione said.

 Along with the Twitter accounts, another anonymous social media website that teens join is This is a website that allows one to anonymously ask others personal questions. Sophomore Londyn Ryan, a transfer student from Baton Rouge, LA, encountered bullying problems through this website.

“I originally got the account last year just because I was bored and had nothing else to do. I figured it was just an innocent website, but was proved wrong. In one week this website quickly turned into a poisonous environment as I received multiple rude comments and insults,” Ryan said. “At first I would reply to the comments directed towards me but after some time things became way out of hand and I stopped replying.”

The first person she informed about the cyber bullying was her good friend, who simply suggested to just deleting the account. The bullying went on for three months before Ryan deleted the account.

“It was fun having the account at first, but it’s not a good website. It basically sets you up for harassment. I saw bullying go on all the time as I would scroll through the website. I advise people who are experiencing bullying through the website to just do what is right and delete it. Logging on in the first place, sets you up to get hurt,” Ryan said.

The main purpose of was to ask people questions anonymously, but now they have changed, it requires user to show their name when they ask a question. Freshman Sami Biondo had an account as well, but does not use it anymore.

“I think people should just get off of it because it is not a good website. People would say mean things about me, but I just blew it off. People would occasionally ask me questions I wasn’t completely comfortable with answering so I would make something up to avoid the question,” Biondo said.

Biondo’s mom realized that the website was not something she wanted her daughter on and made her delete the account.

“Bullying is very cruel because no one should ever feel left out or excluded from anything based on appearance or personality. It’s all judgmental and unfair,” Pilgrim said.