New Sophomore from Kansas City


Mary Galkowski

Sophomore Maddie Hopkins recently transferred to Parkway West from Raypec high school in Kansas City, MO.

“I found out that I was moving seven weeks ago. I was very scared when I first found out because I have no idea what it was going to be like here,” said Hopkins.

Maddie’s old school had around 2,000 students which is the same amount as West. One difference to her is that her old school had two separate buildings which is somewhat of a change for her.

“I am used to walking from one class in one building to the next building. So having all of my classes in one building is different but also convenient,” said Hopkins.

Her stepdad’s job was the reason she had moved. He works at the capital in Washington DC for a Missouri Congress Woman, so her family travels there often.

“All of my family still lives in Kansas City including my dad, so I will not be able to see them as much except I will visit him and my family on holidays and occasional weekends,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins used to play volleyball at her old school in Kansas City; although, she is not playing anymore right now, she might play again next year.

“So, far on my first day I am still adjusting to new people, but I enjoy my classes and the people are very nice. I am really looking forward to these next three years,” Hopkins said.