California boys

The Varsity Jesuit soccer team.

The Varsity Jesuit soccer team.

For the past three years the varsity soccer team has participated in the Gateway City Classic tournament. Different schools from all around the city host nationally ranked teams from out of state.

Our varsity team hosted the Jesuits soccer team from Sacramento, California for four days.

“It was a really good experience that teaches you a lot about other people. It is really cool to meet them and become friends with them, and most of them I still stay in touch with,” junior Tucker Watts said.

The Jesuits are ranked #1 in the nation and never played against West. They have really strict and enforced rules about curfew and going out.

“It’s cool being able to say I hosted the #1 team. I took them to the football game on Friday night and then White Castle and Steak n’ Shake because they don’t have those where they live. We were really restricted in what we could do because their rules are so strict so we had to follow them too since they were staying with us,” senior Gayvn Prsha said.

Contrary to other players on the team, senior Dan Barlett has hosted players from California all three years.

“This was my third year hosting and every year they are always really nice and appreciative. They are really fun guys to hang out with. We played Fifa and relaxed a lot; it was fun,” Barlett said.

During the tournament the boys won two games and lost one.

“I think this year was my favorite year hosting people because I think I had a better connection with the people I hosted, and we bonded better,” Watts said.