Rumor or fact: will the Powder Puff game go on?


Nina Elsperman

Junior girls take on the senior girls during the annual Powder Puff Game, and tied them with an ending score of 18-18.

With a score of 18-18, the junior vs. senior girl’s annual Powder Puff game ended with the first tie in the school’s history.

“Every year traditionally the seniors have won, and this year it was an intriguing game that ended with the juniors winning for a change, which was very exciting,” junior Lee McMullin said.

There were two major injuries that occurred during the game. Senior Jordan Johnson and Selah McCarthur both were injured.

There has been talk around the school saying that because of the many injuries that occurred during the previous game on Thursday, future Powder Puff games might be revoked.

“I think that it is a great way for the girls to come together and work with teamwork. It is also a new change having the boys root for the girls. I hope that it continues,” sophomore Ally Guccione said.

“As a future junior coach, I would be disappointed that this annual tradition would end. It is something juniors look forward to every year, and I wouldn’t want to miss out on it,” sophomore Alex Karrenbrock said.

Coach Dean does not allow her junior volleyball players to participate in the Powder Puff game for injury purposes.

“If I was a coach I would not allow my players to play in the game for injury purposes as well. It would be a lot of active people, a lot of bodies in one place that can result with many injuries. I think Coach Dean makes a very good decision not letting her junior players participate, although they are allowed to play senior year because it is a very unique opportunity. Unfortunetly accidents happen, but I do not think that the Powder Puff game should be canceled,” physical education teacher Tim Corteville said.

Students have been gossiping about this all week long, although Athletic Director Brian Kessler tells us that this statement is false.

“I don’t have any idea where those rumors came from.  There is zero truth to the rumor, in fact it was never even discussed on any level with any person on the administrative team,” Kessler said.

“Thankfully this annual event will continue to take place, I am excited to see how it will go next year,” sophomore Lily Briscoe said.